Here Are the Powers of the Original Charmed Ones

Witches’ shows have experienced a significant haul in the last few years. But before all that, there were the Halliwell sisters from San Francisco who fought demons and managed to look good while at it. Meet Prue, Phoebe, Piper, and Paige Halliwell from Charmed. The sisters are descendants of a long line of witches. When their powers combined, they created ‘The Power of Three.’ However, each had special abilities. Keep reading to find out what they are.


Prue’s power was moving items with her mind, also known as telekinesis. She would teleport creamer into her coffee, put medication into her hand, force doors to unlock themselves, or open a book to a particular page. Her ability started with small items and grew to the point where she could throw demons across the room.

In season two, when the sisters teleported into the future, Prue saw that her telekinetic abilities had enormously grown. Unfortunately, as showrunner Brad Kern explains, her character died before viewers got to see just her powers get to that level.


Phoebe’s power was a premonition or extrasensory perception. She could see the future and connect innocents and demons in the present with the future. As the series progresses, her visions become easier to manipulate. In most shows involving witches, there’s always that one character with premonition abilities. Maybe this is where the idea originates from.

Phoebe also got to see the extent of her power when she and her sisters time-traveled to the future. From there, she realized that she could kill people with her telepathic abilities without touching them. Unfortunately, she never got to this level in the show. However, in season 6, she can influence the emotions of those around her.


Piper’s power is freezing time, which viewers later find out is molecular manipulation. She can slow down molecules instead of literally freezing time. The more she understood this power, the more she learned how to control it. For instance, in the later seasons, she can freeze individual things while everything else around her goes on. In addition, she could speed up molecules and cause objects to explode. This was a useful power when fighting demons because Piper could vanish them by blowing them up.


Paige is the sister who showed up after the death of Prue. She was the daughter of a highlighter and witch, giving her several powers. From her witch’s side, she was blessed with the gift of telekinetic orbing. She would call out objects, and they would materialize in her hands. The same power allowed her to teleport and throw objects.

As the series progressed, so did her powers. In the later seasons, she would call items without mentioning their names or send them to different locations. From her father’s side, she got the ability to orb to different places, heal injuries, and sense when people needed her help.

These are the powers of each Halliwell sister. One of the most interesting things about Charmed is that it allowed the sister’s powers to grow. This kept the show interesting because viewers wouldn’t know what to expect. 

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